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Dear Friends,


I am so happy to announce that we will be re-gathering for public worship on Sunday, October 4th. One cool detail - everyone in attendance will receive a free mask with River Church logo printed on it. Also, we will be gathering in the building 30 minutes early, at 10:30AM for a pre-service gathering party in the worship center. We have so missed one another’s company. This will be a great opportunity to catch up after months of isolation.


We all have many and various convictions and attitudes regarding masks and social distancing and many other COVID-related issues. The spirit in which we re-gather should be in keeping with Jesus’ instructions to love your neighbor as yourself. We will love one another as neighbors by mutually submitting to one another. That will involve things like wearing a mask, maintaining a safe social-distance, and re-washing your hands even when you feel like they are already clean. Below are some guidelines that will answer some questions you might have.




·      We will be gathering for a pre-service party at 10:30 AM in the worship center

·      We will be serving coffee beginning at 10:30AM in a touchless manner

·      We will be celebrating communion together. Please bring your own communion elements (bread and juice) for yourself and family

·      No offering baskets (offering boxes will be in the back to receive tithes and offerings)

·      Attendees will be assisted by greeters when seated

·      Attendees will be seated together in their own family group or with those with whom they are comfortable being in proximity

·      Seating grid will include some table seating. Families with children will be given priority in the assignment of table seating

·      No children’s classes-Service will be family style

·      Masks are mandatory for all entering the building (children age 2 and under are the exception)


Some of you receiving this message are more vulnerable because of your age or health condition. I will be putting in extra work to produce a quality sermon video that will be available Sunday morning so you will be able to watch the sermon at home at the same time we are worshiping at church. Also, if you are symptomatic (cough, fever, sore throat) I urge you, out of love for everyone else, to please stay home.

–Pastor Randy

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